We will offer reduced hours and activities on SAT. 7/4 in honor of the holiday. Find location hours, group exercise schedules, pool, and water park hours in our app. 

Give your preschooler an awesome day! They’ll develop social skills, creativity and self-confidence as they enjoy activities like gym games, swimming, arts and crafts, creative play, outdoor activities, stories and a snack -all while making new friends!

Ages 2-5 | Andover, East, El Dorado, Newton, North, & Northwest YMCAs

Who Can Participate? Mom’s Day Out is for any child who is between the ages of 2-5 years old. During the summer, a program option for children ages 6-10 years old is available.

What does my child need to bring?

A backpack or bag with:

  • Sack lunch
  • Drink
  • Swimsuit and a towel

If siblings will be attending together, we ask that they have separate bags for their belongings.

What should my child wear? Dress your child in comfortable and appropriate play clothes.

What activities are included? Your child will enjoy swimming, arts and crafts, stories, creative play, tumbling and gym time, outdoor activities, calendar time, and snack time—all while making new friends!

Note: Children 2 yrs of age allowed to swim subject to parent’s approval.

Swimming All Mom’s Day Out classes swim in the shallow end of our indoor and outdoor pools. If you are uncomfortable having your child swim, please notify the instructor and our staff will accommodate.



Choose from one-hour to a full day of time for things you need to get done including meetings, errands, and relaxing. We'll entertain your children with:

  • SNACKS - Healthy options mid-morning and mid-afternoon
  • OPEN PLAY - Sports, running around, and creative play
  • ACTIVITES - Structured play to ensure everyone gets involved
  • SWIMMING - Activities in the family pools
  • CRAFTS - Arts and creativity with take-home results

See required items and other helpful information below.



Take a night off from parenting responsibilities to enjoy time by yourself or with people you love while your kids enjoy a full evening with friends old and new including:

  • DINNER - Healthy options that are sure to please
  • SWIMMING - Activities in the family pools
  • OPEN PLAY - Kids decide what - and with whom - to play
  • STORIES - Reading and storytelling time
  • CRAFTS - Arts and creativity with take-home results

See required items and other helpful information below.


The most common questions for Mom's Day Out and Parent's Night Out programs are below:

Who Can Participate in Mom's Day Out / Parent's Night Out Programs? 

Greater Wichita YMCA respite programs including Mom's Day Out and Parent's Night Out are for the entire community - not just YMCA members. Age ranges for the programs are as follows:


  • September 1 - May 30 - 2-5 Year Olds
  • June 1 - August 31 - 2-10 Year Olds (in two age groups (2-5 and 6-10))


  • Year-Round - 2-10 Year Olds (in two age groups (2-5 and 6-10))
How Much Does it Cost to Participate in Mom's Day Out / Parent's Night Out Programs?

As with all programs and activities, the Greater Wichita YMCA welcomes community (non-member) participation but pricing is set based on membership status. 

  • MOM'S DAY OUT (0-2 HOURS) - $20/child (member rate) or $30/child (non-member rate)
  • MOM'S DAY OUT (2-4 HOURS) - $45/child (member rate) or $65/child (non-member rate)
  • MOM'S DAY OUT (4-5 HOURS) - $55/child (member rate) or $75/child (non-member rate)
  • PARENT'S NIGHT OUT - $X/child (member rate) or $X/child (non-member rate)

Want to save on respite programs? Consider joining the YMCA. Income-based financial assistance and more benefits available.

What Are the Requirements for Participation?

All Mom's Day Out and Parent's Night Out participants must meet, agree to, and observe our membership policies or Guest Pass policies, and our facilities usage policies. Failure to do so could result in immediate suspension from participation. 

What Does My Child Need to Participate?

Children should arrive for respite programs in comfortable, play-appropriate clothing and sneakers and a sweatshirt or light jacket for outside activities (fall and spring). They should also bring:

  • Swimsuit and towel (if you would like your child to swim/participate in water activities)
  • Beverage and an appropriate, seal-able water bottle
  • A bagged lunch (for full-day Mom's Day Out)
  • Any other needed items (diapers and pool diapers, etc.)

We encourage all children (including siblings) to have their own bags and supplies. Additional personal items should not be brought - the Greater Wichita YMCA nor its staff are responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

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Still have questions? Contact the Youth and Family staff (in the Kid Zone) at any Greater Wichita YMCA branch location or use our CONTACT US form for more ways to get answers.